Overdue Debt Recovery Service

We are a new company  set up to recover the debts you have not been able to recover due to either lack of staff, time constraints or difficult companies with-holding payments due to un-reasonable credit request.
  We will supply on request a report  detailing an analysis of your companies shortfall in this area.
 We can accept reqular monthly accounts from yourselves for us to recover overdue accounts on your behalf. 
 Your details will be kept confidential as per the data protection act 1998 and any revisions thereafter.
 We offer our services For a fee, being a percentage of the assigned debt.
  1. Personal Attention
    Personal Attention
    We understand the need to treat your customers in a professional manner
  2. Client Participation
    Client Participation
    We evaluate all aspects in our investigations pertaining to your Sales Ledger and supply a bespoke analysis .
  3. Client Participation
    Client Participation
    We welcome input from our customers in respect of the accessibility of company documentation on request, for the resolution of protracted queries and the issuing of agreed Credit Notes .


We have worked in credit control for over 20 years and noticed that companies experience difficulties in managing The Sales Ledger with respect of accounts exceeding 90 days and over.
The day to day need to maintain a steady cash flow, results in companies chasing current debt with the largest amount being the first port of call at the turn of every month.

   The continuation of this cycle leads to small accounts not being collected and disputed invoices not followed up which leads to profits from the original sales being eroded as the invoice has not been cleared when due and in the end being written off.
The average percentage for UK provision for Bad debts is 2% of the years sales, this equates to £20,000.00 on a sales turnover of one £1,000,000.00.

   ACR offers you a SOLUTION to resolve this problem. We can offer you a bespoke short term contract to works towards re-couping the debts from these hard to collect companies.
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